Call for Abstract

Abstract Submission Guidelines:

1. All abstracts must be submitted through congress website Abstracts send by FAX OR EMAIL WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
2. All abstracts must be typed in Azeri or English and submitted in form of Microsoft Word together with PDF file with the body limited of 300 words.
3. The abstract must consist of four paragraphs labeled: OBJECTIVE, METHODS, RESULTS, and CONCLUSIONS.
4. The text and the title should be free from abbreviations, except those commonly used (e.g. LVEF, CABG, VSD, ASD etc). It should concisely address the problem and the purpose of the study (OBJECTIVE); how the study was performed (METHODS); the main findings with numerical data and statistical significance (RESULTS); and the principal conclusion drawn from the study (CONCLUSIONS).
5. The title of the abstract should be printed in CAPITAL LETTERS; the name(s) of the author(s) should be preceded by the initials (omit titles). There should be no more than 8 authors.
6. If table or figure is included, the size of the file should not exceed 2 MB. Only two tables/images are allowed.
7. An acknowledgement or the receipt of the abstract submission will be sent automatically to the log-in person, the Presenting author and the corresponding author by e-mail upon the online submission successfully.
8. Presenting authors are encouraged to submit their CVs at the end of the abstract submission process.
9. The confirmation of acceptance by the Scientific Committee will be sent to the author by May 15, 2019. ONLY author with accepted abstract will receive the confirmation via submitted E-mail and be announced in the congress website.

Abstract submission form for the “Baku Heart Days” 6th International Congress, dedicated to the memory of National Leader Heydar Aliyev